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CN-1951195-A: Plant bacteriostatic agent and preparation method thereof patent, CN-1952439-A: Mechatronic hybrid transmissions having three planetary gear sets and three motor/generators patent, CN-1952465-A: 改性h型塑钢及其生产方法 patent, CN-1952470-A: 投射式光学系统结构 patent, CN-1952719-A: 透镜单元和成像装置 patent, CN-1952753-A: Back light module and LCD device patent, CN-1952845-A: 计算机机壳固持机构 patent, CN-1952938-A: 对信息管理系统访问的数据进行组织的系统和方法 patent, CN-1953003-A: 一种通过轮子旋转产生图案文字的方法及其显示装置 patent, CN-1953586-A: Mobile communication terminal with making rough map and method of making rough map using same patent, CN-1953837-A: 离子产生方法及设备 patent, CN-1954656-A: Edible mushroom collection method patent, CN-1954849-A: Antineoplastic medical composite compatibility with oldenlandia, ginseng and astragalus root patent, CN-1955119-A: Preparation device and method of first-stage reverse osmosis after chemical desalt optimization pure water patent, CN-1956078-A: Method of inspecting optical recording medium patent, CN-1956650-A: Correction system and method for feeder of plaster machine patent, CN-1956687-A: 置换脊椎盘髓核的方法和装置 patent, CN-1957443-A: Plate member, substrate holding device, exposure device and method, and element manufacturing method patent, CN-1957817-A: 多功能案板架 patent, CN-1958383-A: Instrument device for two-wheel motor vehicle patent, CN-1958768-A: Method for preparing fermentative apricotine patent, CN-1959028-A: Heat insulation tiles patent, CN-1959130-A: 水压伺服阀 patent, CN-1959229-A: 管道式空调器室内机 patent, CN-1959549-A: Image forming apparatus and control method for the same patent, CN-1961035-A: 阻燃剂 patent, CN-1961418-A: Method of adhesion improvement for low K dielectrics to conductive materials patent, CN-1961502-A: 动态分配混合自动重复请求程序的方法及装置 patent, CN-1961997-A: 全淹没干粉灭火剂 patent, CN-1962068-A: 一种新型石磨制粉工艺 patent, CN-1962155-A: 一种二氧化碳激光焊接装置 patent, CN-1962693-A: 长效胸腺素α1的聚乙二醇化修饰物 patent, CN-1963568-A: A water-cooled metal reflector patent, CN-1963985-A: A grid of transmission electronic microscope driven by thermal dual metal sheets patent, CN-1964294-A: A two-step recession method to improve DCF performance of wireless LAN patent, CN-1964893-A: 垂直填充包装机和制造包装袋的方法 patent, CN-1964969-A: Fused ring NK1 antagonists patent, CN-1965192-A: 气体紧固设备的蓄气筒和进气装置的连接适配器,具有该适配器的筒、电磁阀以及设备 patent, CN-1965580-A: Apparatus and method for corresponding frequency synchronization in on-channel repeater patent, CN-1966817-A: Washing machine connector assembly patent, CN-1966927-A: Opening portion structure patent, CN-1967244-A: Blood analyzer and blood analyzing method patent, CN-1967726-A: Bracket assembly of display device patent, CN-1967969-A: 旋转电机的定子 patent, CN-1968219-A: Multimedia message conversion method and system patent, CN-1968858-A: Washing machine base for securing a central mechanism patent, CN-1968894-A: 两亲性纳米颗粒 patent, CN-1969364-A: 利用带电粒子束研究或修改表面的装置和方法 patent, CN-1969577-A: Method to achieve coexistence between centralized TDMA MAC and a second MAC in wireless communication systems patent, CN-1970653-A: 新型环保油漆稀释剂 patent, CN-1970913-A: Wall body for building patent, CN-1971761-A: 半导体存储器件以及半导体存储器件的工作方法 patent, CN-1971925-A: 具间隙壁的光传感器封装结构 patent, CN-1972223-A: A method and apparatus for monitoring multicast data flow patent, CN-1972398-A: 广播信号接收设备和频道扫描方法 patent, CN-1972705-A: 硫糖肽在治疗粘膜炎中的用途 patent, CN-1972730-A: 格隆溴铵用于治疗儿童哮喘 patent, CN-1972912-A: Novel 3,4-disubstituted 1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine derivatives patent, CN-1973056-A: 生产铝合金钎焊板的方法和铝合金钎焊板 patent, CN-1973608-A: 温室顶膜及遮光保温层全启闭式卷铺装置 patent, CN-1974054-A: Slender stepped shaft machining process patent, CN-1974547-A: Ionic liquid of alkyl guanidine salt and its prepn process patent, CN-1974614-A: 改进的间歇本体丙烯聚合生产方法及用于分段丙烯聚合的生产方法 patent, CN-1975238-A: Cold-cathode tube illuminating device patent, CN-1975904-A: 替换处理方法 patent, CN-1977019-A: Silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesive and adhesive tape patent, CN-1978392-A: 花椒籽酸性有机颗粒肥料及其加工方法 patent, CN-1978433-A: Imidazole two-functionized room temperature inonic liquid and its preparing method patent, CN-1978585-A: Rare earth-earth element-three-metal complex type photoluminescent material, and its preparing method and use patent, CN-1978813-A: Hollow basin patent, CN-1979014-A: Air-pipe machine housing structure of business air-conditioner indoor unit patent, CN-1979084-A: Displacement measurement apparatus of vibration machine patent, CN-1979348-A: Toner, developer, image forming method, image forming apparatus, process cartridge, and toner container patent, CN-1979741-A: Plasma display device patent, CN-1980116-A: Method for sending channel quality information, corresponding user terminal and base station patent, CN-1980908-A: Substituted thiazoleacetic as CRTH2 ligands patent, CN-1981072-A: Cellulose acetate tow and method of making same patent, CN-1981369-A: 减少硅晶片中的金属杂质的方法 patent, CN-1981371-A: Drive source and transportation robot patent, CN-1981812-A: Chinese-medicinal preparation for treating AIDS and its production patent, CN-1982162-A: 防止货物塌落工具 patent, CN-1982205-A: 复合金属氧化物在氢气的自热产生中的用途 patent, CN-1983988-A: 一种相关性序列码的产生方法及装置 patent, CN-1984294-A: Method and device for timeshifting using external memory card patent, CN-1984706-A: Air decontamination device and method patent, CN-1987275-A: Open and close structure of sucking panel of indoor machine of air conditioner patent, CN-1987356-A: Astronomical/doppler combined navigation method for spacecraft patent, CN-1987588-A: Two side liquid crystal display device patent, CN-1987638-A: Image display, fresnel lens and screen used thereof patent, CN-1987882-A: Software protecting method and system based on safety chip patent, CN-1987970-A: 发光设备及其驱动方法 patent, CN-1988406-A: 用于处理信息的系统、设备、方法和计算机程序 patent, CN-1988838-A: Method for calibrating sensors patent, CN-1989286-A: Laundry machine patent, CN-1989331-A: Control device of high-pressure fuel system of internal combustion engine patent, CN-1990839-A: 一种润滑油氧化安定性添加剂组合物及其制备方法 patent, CN-1991408-A: 一种用于辐射成像的多阵列探测器模块结构 patent, CN-1992231-A: Method of manufacturing flash memory device patent, CN-1993930-A: Method for assuring hierarchical network service quality and system thereof patent, CN-1994707-A: Material distrubutor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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